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FILM Trailer

Film Trailer
Prodotto da / Produced by: Raja Films
Regia di / Directed by: Massimo Garlatti-Costa
Musica di / Music by: Ori Vidislavski

DOCUMENTARY trailer / Special Prize MEI, Premio Libero Bizzarri, NodoDocFest

A journey through the underground world of rock & roll.
Following three music bands from the Italian Alps, striving for success, the director finds a world of passions, dreams and endless hopes. The documentary moves up to London to discover a completely different reality and then to the Italian MEI, the Meeting of Independent Labels. where the three bands try to promote themselves and where we get to know famous musicians and their advices.
After a year the journey ends, and back in the Italian Alps the bands look back in their experiences.

CROSSMEDIA DOCUMENTARY TRAILER / Best Social Doc Premio De Baggis, Les rendez vous du Cinèma Italien" Bruxelles

"NEW ITALIANS - Greetings from Italy” is a cross media documentary project that aims to portray the lives and cultures of immigrants who have chosen Italy as their adoptive country.
“NUOVI ITALIANI, Cartoline dall’Italia” è un progetto documentaristico cross-media, fruibile su più piattaforme mediali, che vuole far conoscere le vite e le culture degli immigrati che hanno eletto il nostro paese come loro nuova Patria.

DOCUMENTARY trailer / RTVSLO, Festival International Cinema Archeologico di Roma

The documentary describes the ancient civilisation of the Castellieri, a mysterious people that took their name from the massive embankments they built to dominate the North East of Italy almost 4000 years ago.<br>
By following the investigations of the narrator Loris Vescovo, the archaeologists’ work and the historical reenactments, the viewers will find out the culture, the habits and the history of this ancient civilisation.</p>
<p>-Festival Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico di Roma- Il Capitello d’Oro<br>
-Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico di Rovereto<br>
-Rassegna &quot;Occhio alla Preistoria” a cura dell’Istituto Italiano di Preistoria e Protostoria, Firenze.

DOCUMENTARY trailer / RAI, RTVSlo, Festival Internazionale di Salerno

Description: The documentary tells the story of one of the most important writers of Italian post war literature. Bartolini was a poet, a writer, and a director but he is best known to the general public as the screenwriter of Michelangelo Antonioni’s masteripieces such as L’Avventura, L’Eclisse and Il Grido.

DOCUMENTARY trailer / RTVSLO, Festival International Cinema Archeologico di Roma

"ITALIANS, Italy before the rise of Rome" introduces the viewer to the little known history of Piceni, Apuani, Celts, Bruttii, Camunni, Samnites, Frentani, Sabines, Volsci and other ancient Italic civilizations that have left an indelible trace in the culture and DNA of contemporary Italians

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