Director, Producer
Massimo Garlatti-Costa
film director & producer

I am an accreditated PIXEL LAB, EAVE, Ties That Bind and EURODOC producer. I am an MA graduate of the NMS in Sheffield in Television and Film directing and screenwriting.

I worked for more than 15 years as film director and producer both in commercials, fiction, documentary and crossmedia both in Italy and in the UK where I lived for more then 10 years.

I have lot of creativity skills and also possess good managerial qualities. I have the capability to handle a vast crew efficiently.



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Branko, The Ram Man

BRANKO is a full-length film, a surreal tragi-comedy, a modern fable, set in an imaginary, post-industrial city lost amid the mountains, cold, depressing... nearly obsessive.

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Projects in development
I'm currently working on two history documentary on WW1 and on WW2. I am also developing together with the Audiovisial Film Fund a feature film project.


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    Art Direction

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  • Film Director
    Period: 1996 – present
    film director

    I worked for more than 15 years as film director both in commercials, fiction, documentary and crossmedia projects. I lived in Austria for two years and in the UK for almost 10 years studying and then working as a freelance screenwrite/director for independent production companies and for the BBC.

  • Producer
    Period: 2007 – present

    I have been producing multi-media projects for international broadcast, arts and education for almost decades. I am a graduate of the prestigious EAVE (European Audio Visual Entrepreneurs) Ties That Bind, Power to the Pixel cross-media Lab and the Regional Eurodoc Programme, I have produced work for all media; audio, visual, print and web.

  • Screenwriter
    Period: 1995 – 2020

    I started my career working as a freelance screenwriter, writing fiction films for several independent production company. I've written more then a dozen of short films for the BBC, films that I also directed. I still write my own scripts both for commercials and fiction.

  • University Lecturer
    Period: 2004 – 2019
    University Lecturer

    I worked from 2004 to 2009 as a Lecturer in Creative Writing & Media at the University of Udine (Italy) and as a Lecturer in Film and New Media at the University Consortium of Friuli (University of Udine) in 2004 and again in 2011.

  • Editor
    Period: 2004 – 2021

    I've started editing at the Northern Media School at the Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield. I find editing compelling and fascinating. I was really lucky to work with talented editors both in the UK and in Italy. I have edited myself a three documentary series for Italian broadcaster RAI, series that I also directed.

  • College Lecturer
    Period: 2004 – 2021
    College Lecturer

    From 2004 to 2014 I worked as a Lecturer teaching Filmmaking & New Media at several Colleges in Udine, Italy.

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Address: Udine, Via Vendoglio 11, Italy
phone number: (+39) 333-2307162